Graduate Student Is Awarded the 2017 “Global Swede”by the Swedish Government

Time:Jul Mon 2017

Gao Yishan, a graduate student from School of Foreign Languages, is awarded the 2017 “Global Swede” by the Swedish government during her exchange in Karlstad University. She was invited by the Minister for EU Affairs and Trade to attend the 2017 Global Swede Ceremony held in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the capital city Stockholm. Distinguished guests who attended the ceremony included the Minister for EU Affairs and Trade, Head of department for Promotion of Sweden, Trade and CSR, the Director-General of the Swedish Institute, Director for Supply Chain Projects, and representatives from Swedish universities.


Once every year, the “Global Swede” is awarded to non-EU students who have excellent academic performances and great contributions to international exchanges when studying in Sweden. This year, altogether 22 students from all over the world are awarded the 2017 “Global Swede” by the Swedish government. Gao Yishan is the only student in Karlstad University that is given this award and one of the two Chinese students who have received this honor this year.

Gao Yishan got her bachelor degree in English from NPU, and was admitted by the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature. Supervised by Professor Zhang Yi, she published 4 academic papers and 2 international conference papers during her first-year graduate study. As the top student in her grade, she was granted the 2016 National Scholarship for Graduate Students and was awarded as “Academic Star” by NPU. At the same time, she worked as the party branch secretary for her grade. In 2016, due to her outstanding performances, she was selected with a full scholarship to participate in the exchange program sponsored by Linneau-Palm foundation from Swedish government. Started in 2009, this project has been carried on for 9 years, with a total fund of 2.4 million Swedish krona. Over 20 students and 20 teachers from NPU and KaU participated in this program.


To cultivate high-quality English talents and expand the students’ international vision is always the core goal of graduate education for School of Foreign Languages. Gao Yishan's award proved once again that the quality of graduate education of School of Foreign Languages is being gradually recognized by both Chinese and foreign scholars.